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 How to start woodwork for new apartment


You must know about different types of wood work before starting home interior. If you are buying new apartment or home then  before starting any kind of wood work get known about termite problems, Is your home or apartment in termite prone areas? If yes, then do all kind of termite treatment and think about any kind of wood work.

It is very challenging to manage wood work in your new home or flat so must hire a contractor who is pleasant to speak  and can understand easily what you want, it will reduce your stress and tile. Try to make a list of different kind of wood works that you exactly need and that must in your budget.
How to start woodwork for new apartment

We are giving an example for basic requirement of wood work in any 2bhk or 3bhk flats or apartments, It will help you to make a list of wood work. Every room must have at least one storage space so you can plan a wooden wall drops in each room where size of wall drops depends on your bedroom size. In drawing area you must have a wooden show case or thin wall drops where you can display your showpieces, family photographs, space for your favorite books, your old memories etc. Always place a nice LED unit inside your drawing room, it multiply the beauty of your entire drawing room area with some storage where you can put home theater, CD player, showpieces etc.  Near entrance door if there is enough space then put a small wooden shoes rack with some storage for your daily used newspaper, magazine etc. Now in all bathrooms there must be a wooden counter just down the wash basin or nearby, so you can keep bath things safe inside that (Inside bathroom always use high quality of laminates, it will increase the life of wooden storage unit and also prevent from water). There lots of wooden storage unit required in your kitchen, this need complete wood work all around. In kitchen you must need storage space, use best quality of hardware in kitchen, bring best quality of baskets, channel etc. Maximum of times your kitchen will in use so take care of your kitchen during wood work, two different colors can give awesome look of your kitchen.
How to start woodwork for new apartment

You can use laminates inside all wooden storage, it will increase the life. You can also use best quality of laminates from outside the wooden storage unit too, it needs very less maintenance as compare to wood polish work. You can use a thin border around the door frame; it will increase the beauty of doors.
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