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 List of wood work that must need for your new home


If first time you had bought flat or apartment first time then it is very difficult to decide about different types of storage places that you must need, so we are trying to guide you that can be help you to take good decisions about different types wooden storage place.


1.   You must need wall drops in every bedroom so you can keep things separately related to each room.
List of wood work that must need for your new home

2. In bathroom under the wash basin you must need a wooden storage place so you can keep all bath things inside.

3. Shoes rack is also very important, naked shoes can be ruin your beauty of home. The standard height of shoes rack would be around 3 to 4 feet. Placed your shoes rack nearby the main door.

4. If you have showpieces, your favorite books etc. then you must need a nice looking awesome in your drawing room.

5. The major wood works you must need that is inside your kitchen. The kitchen needs a lots of storage, so plan a beautiful kitchen.
List of wood work that must need for your new home

6. In drawing room you should keep a wooden LED unit with some storage area inside it. An LED unit will also increase the beauty of your drawing room.

7. Nearby your master bathroom find some space for wooden vanity area, if you have passion for fashion then it must help you a lot.

8. If you have any pets then you must need a wooden house for your lovely pets. Wood home will safe pets from winter and summers.


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