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 Renovation tips for your basement


These days basement is the very first choice for most of the people in the world. In new construction home always try to construct a basement. The basement is very good for extra space in your home, house, villa etc. Always construct basement of very high quality otherwise after 4-5 years of construction you will have to pay more for maintenance.




Basement bedroom

A bedroom in basement is good for storage and for guest. You can use your basement bedroom regularly if you have a big family. In basement bedroom must have a window it is good for air crossing and also you can use it for exit point during any misfortune like flood, fire etc. Make bedroom large and spacious so it will look good and good for enhance interior work.


Basement bathroom

Bathroom is also very important in your basement so if you will use basement room then you must use bathroom and cannot use first floor or other floor bathroom for long time so try to construct a bathroom anywhere in your basement, It will good for your guests too. Fix a mirror, good wall and floor tile, nice wash basin, water closet (WC) etc. will increase the interior beauty of your bathroom.


Basement wall insulation

Renovation tips for your basement

This is very important for any basement because it is weatherproof and wall insulation prevent basement from winter and also from summer. For wall insulation you will have to pay some extra money but it will work for long run.


Basement flooring

Generally temperature of basement is low as compare to its upper floors and in winter it gets very cold and it is very uncomfortable to keep feet on the floor so always use wooden flooring in bedroom because it maintains temperature in winter as well as in summer too.


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