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 Tips for bathroom interior and renovation work


Every people want awesome interior design for their bathroom. A bathroom must be clean, hygienic, smell proof and nicely designed. Most people do not spend lots of time at a time in bathroom but they use many times every day so bathroom must be comfortable.


In bathroom floor and wall tile increase the interior look of complete bathroom. Floor tile should be mat finish and digital wall tile will be good because it is easy to maintain. Tile slope should be proper so water can be easily drainage out. If your bathroom is large then there must be a vanity to keep all bath items. A wash basin on the top of your vanity will enhance the look of bathroom. Water closet (WC) should be very comfortable to sit and to use. Shower area must be spacious and comfortable to use and maintain. Glass shower is good option, it looks very awesome and you can also use latest bathtub.


Bathroom color combination must be very attractive. Avoid colorful WC (Water closet) in bathroom because it is difficult to clean, you cannot see whether it is clean or not so you can choose light color for WC and most wanted color for water closet is white. If you are selecting white WC then you must select white wash basin, both should be of same color. Use light color for your bathroom floor tile because in light colors you can easily identify dirtiness on the floor. Color of your vanity and wall tile should be at least 50% similar so it will add contrast in the beauty of your bathroom.


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