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If you want to build your dream home and do not know how to begin, our architect in Gurugram (Gurgaon) is here to help. To start with, make a checklist that helps you set a budget, determine a time frame and find the right piece of land. Also, our architect in Gurugram (Gurgaon) would ask you simple questions such as the possible size of your home, number of stories you wish to have and the number of rooms too. Our architect can also help you find the land for the home you want. He can give you much information about the advantages and disadvantages of the site. In other words, our architect would help you with the perfect site analysis to purchase the land.

To build inspirational homes, it is important to consider what aspects of lifestyle you need to incorporate into your home. It is also essential to consider the type of layout that you want. Moreover, other aspects such as structural features in each room, design and style preferences, special features (such as fireplaces, heated floors, etc) need to be discussed with our architect. For all of these, your design and style features shall be considered.

To experience the best of homes, it is important to monitor the building process by keeping a check on insurance, permits, payments and inspections. Moreover, special features of the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry room shall be discussed with you by our architect. Secondary features such as colour palettes, specific materials, cabinets, flooring, appliances, countertops and finishing shall also be discussed with our architect.

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To experience the best of homes with the best of architectural styles for your custom home, it is important to discuss various aspects such as ceilings, hallways, stairways, windows, wall space, lighting, roof and safety considerations with the architect. So, do you need any help? Contact us TODAY and our architect in Gurugram (Gurgaon) is here to provide you the best assistance.


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Exploring the art of home architectural design via beautiful homes

With regards to modern houses, home architecture and architectural design, we refer to those that are built as per the latest trends. In present times, there is an infinite variety of designs of house architecture. However, they are mostly based on the fundamentals of elegance, simplicity and functionality. Exploring the art of home architectural design via planning a modern home is essential in today’s world.

For a modern home architectural design, all the design elements need to be in sync with each other. These designs need to be simple and should avoid any complications such as long corridors or passages. The ultimate idea of building modern architectural home design is to use the spaces efficiently to put them into maximum use. The common questions to ask whilst building a house are – is the shape of the house correct? Does it provide sufficient privacy? Is there enough natural lighting? Are the colours well used? – and much more.

It is a great idea to use large spaces such as front yards, gardens and terraces for social activities and for children to play. Also, it is important to consider the number of people living in the house – whether you need a modern apartment or a small house sufficient for two people? Modern house architecture mostly involves the use of concrete, bricks and glass. Every inch of space should be well used to utilize it efficiently. In other words, modern architectural designs are characterized by intelligent use of spaces, providing ample storage facilities. Also, they are built as per customized requirements of design and decor.

To conclude, for understanding the importance of modern home architectural design, it is essential to work in sync with the architect to explain him the requirements and create beautiful homes. This in turn would represent the modern design style in the best possible manner.

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