The 21st Century modular kitchen – This is how it looks like

Kitchen is an indispensable space in the house which needs to be demarcated clearly. Therefore, the design and decor of the kitchen is given much importance. With increased modernization, modular kitchens have become a necessity for all homes and its market is increasing manifold. Modular kitchens incorporate ease of storage as well as good looks (with stunning designs and accessories) that make them much in demand amongst the customers.

You may decide on the type of modular kitchen depending on the kind of space that is available. These include various types such as: Straight, L-Shape, Island and U-shape. Furthermore, you may select the designs and accessories as per your budget. Choose the inbuilt appliances such s hobs and chimneys as well as features such as close drawers and doors accordingly.

Various materials such as plywood or MDF can be used to craft modular kitchens. Furthermore, laminate or acrylic sheets could also be used. The counter tops of such kitchens are mostly made of marble, granite, Corian, laminate and quartz. Utilize the corners of the modular kitchen appropriately so as to make the best use of it. This allows the best use of the kitchen space.

The cabinet placements need to be spaced evenly and should be designed to have both the vertical and horizontal doors. Get the right shelves and fixtures inside these cabinets. Incorporate the inbuilt appliances right from the beginning. Accordingly, also use the right colors and finishes to complement your modular kitchen.

The USPs of modular kitchens include: Great Utility, Contemporary Comfort, Functionality of the fittings, Spacious, Tough, Traditional and Safety. Keep the above points in mind whilst designing your modular kitchen. If you are confused with the numerous options available in the market, you could take the help of our professional interior designer who would help you incorporate the right design for your dream modular kitchen.


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  1. Book Spots for Appliances If you wish to have inbuilt appliances, these will have to be incorporated into your kitchen design right from the start. The colours and finishes on these appliances will have to complement your modular kitchen suitably.

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